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Online Shop [gold]

Online Shop [gold]
Online Shop [gold]
Programmer Recommend
The best for your online business
Setup Price Include 12 months Hosting and Database
On-going Maintenance HK$2500/month or HK$27,000/Year (save 10%)
System Setup eCommerce System Setup & Test
Theme setup One Time Setup for Client information *Recommend by programmer & Designer
Bug Fix Include
Tech Support Support Ticket
Documents Support Yes
Data Include one time Database Dumps, after Client self handle via Admin
Extra Store Credit 1000
Help to setting 10 times <Use Store Credit>
Domain Name Provide by Client
Hosting Space 10GB
Database 1
Backup 30 days
Website style Theme style *Recommend by programmer & Designer
Responsive Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Language English / 繁體中文
Admin Language English / 繁體中文
Custom Page - Ask for Quote -
Homepage Culture Design *Recommend by programmer & Designer
Menu Mega Menu [Premium]
Category & Product Unlimited
Product Type Products / Downloadable Products
Product Search Advanced Product Search
Product Information Manufacturer (Brand), Description, Image, Model, Price, Tax, Dimensions
Product Tab Description & Specifications & Reviews
Product Stock Location, Minimum order, Subtract Stock, Out of Stock, Shipping, Date Available
Product Related Related Products, Attributes, Options, Filters
Product to Customers Discount & Special Offer, Wishlist, Reward Points, Product review and approval, Compare
Customers Customers Group, Profile & Approvals
Membership System My account, Address Book, Wishlist, Order History, Downloads, Payments, Returns, Transactions, Newsletter
Sales Orders Orders, Create or Update Order, Order status update & Notify to Customers, Order Returns
Marketing Coupons, Vouchers, Reward Points, Marketing Tracking (Campaign), Affiliate
Mail System All Newsletter Subscribers, All Customers, Customer Group, Customers, All Affiliates, Affiliates, Ordered Product
Mail Alert Admin Alert Mail : Register, Affiliate, Orders, Reviews | Customer : Invoice, Order status update, Gift Vouchers)
Information About us, Terms & Conditional, Privacy Policy, Delivery Information. etc,
Localization Global Currencies, Regions & Countries
Checkout Register, Member Login, Guest Checkout
Shipping Multi Flat Rate
Offline Payments Bank Transfer, COD, Bank Cheque
Online Payments Integrate PayPal, Alipayhk, WeChat Pay
Admin Reports World Map, Sales Graph Analytics, Transaction Report, Reward Points, Searches, Orders, Activity, Tax, Shipping, Returns, Coupons, Products Viewed, Products Purchased, Sales Report, Online Report, Statistics (Order Sales, Orders Processing, Orders Complete, Orders Other, Returns, Out of stock products, Pending Reviews)
Customers Services Sitemap, Information, Gift Certificate
SEO keywords The use of search engine optimized URLs for product, category, manufacturer and information pages.
Social Media Link Yes
Custom / Add-on - Ask for Quote -

Package Offers

Faced with different industrial needs, we have prepared a package of services for you to choose from, which can help save costs, labor, lost time and easier to handling. The Package offers not include any customize, modification, integration, data entry. 


The system default functions and features and add value features have it base structure and to designed or build in for common rules. 

We overall your needs and business module to setup which includes the system version, stylish layout, functions, add value features and license or other parts to designed overall that depends on programer and designer final decision.

Customer must understand that the default functions and features designed or build in base on the system structure and that relative to wild different parts. It’s complicate for the customize services. Customer have to take the risk and spend more. 

Before make the decision, we can provide IT consulting and solutions service.

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The default functions and features of the system as well as the value-added functions have its underlying structure and are designed or built for common rules. 

We organize your requirements and business module setup in a holistic way, which includes the system version, stylish layout, functionality, added value features and license or other parts of the design, depending on the final decision of the programmer.

Customers must understand that the default features and functionality are designed or built on top of the system architecture and are associated with different parts. This is complex for custom services. To reduce the risk and loss of time and expense for our clients, we can provide IT consulting and solution services before you make a decision.

We don't recommend to install a new or update the module/plugin version if you don't need new features or if the module/plugin on your site was modified (has a custom modification). If you have a question about updates, please email us.


All the offers item are subject to change without notice. In the event of a dispute, we reserve the right of final decision.

Package Offers

Faced with different industrial needs, we have prepared a package of services for you to choose from, which can help save costs, labor, lost time and easier to handling. The Package offers not include any customize, modification, integration, data entry. 

Reward points Offers to Member

Treat yourself to a great reward by spending your Rewards Points. Enjoy Rewards Points you can actually use. You will earn Rewards Points that can be redeemed for store credit for services!


Domain registration is required for the shopping cart eCommerce / online website system (if any) if it is hosted on new domain. (The domain registration fee and admin fee does not cover in the quotation.)

On-going maintenance

  1. Include Server-side (Hosting and Database) in stable condition
  2. Include System files and database backup
  3. Include Webmail account <if any>
  4. IT support by Email
  5. Not include Data Entry or organize. Ask for Quote
  6. Maintenance does not include compatibility with the 3rd Party Service Partner Directory & Solutions official changes or upgrades or policy changes. Please ask for Quote for relative solutions.
  7. Maintenance does not include human error settings. In order to reduce the occurrence of errors, the default or settings of functions and features that you do not have permission to access or modify are in the administration interface.

Payment Gateway Integration

All Payment Gateway Integration(s) requires clients provide the corresponding merchant account(s). The actual costs of all payment gateway integration(s) may vary depend on the shopping cart system provided by clients, if any. Payment Gateway Integration(s) (other than PayPal Checkout, Stripe, Square, Revolut, Google Pay, Apple Pay, WeChat Pay Cross-Border and AliPay Cross-Border) for the shopping cart might require an extra charge fee. The charge fee varies from different payment gateways.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing services are customized packages both online and offline. Please feel free to contact us.

Culture Design

Whether traditional or newly proposed industries, we have over 20 years of experience in creating cultural designs.


No shipping require for the online or digital production service. The Shipping Cost will quote upon request.


If the necessary production-related material is not received by TAILOR CREATION COMPANY, or Client cannot be contacted by TAILOR CREATION COMPANY, within 60 calendar days from the date of signing of this quotation, the project (or all services) is considered to be terminated and no deposit or paid amount will be returned. All payments are nonrefundable under all circumstances.


TAILOR CREATION COMPANY, shall not be responsible for any damages your business may suffer. TAILOR CREATION COMPANY, makes no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, for services we provide. TAILOR CREATION COMPANY, disclaims any warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This includes loss of data resulting from delays, no deliveries, wrong delivery, and any and all service interruptions caused by TAILOR CREATION COMPANY, and its employees.

Data or Production-related material

The production-related material (include all sensitive informations or data) is keep for 3 months after completed. 

* All services not include Data Entry or organize. Ask for Quote

Register / Login

Your provided information via Register or Login account, Tailor Creation Company and It’s Subsidiary Company or Partner Company will use to contact for production or marketing purpose.


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In the event of any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail. In the event of a dispute, we reserve the right of final decision.